Music Training Makes Baby's Brain Better

Medical News Today has a story about new research suggesting that the brains of babies as young as one-year benefit greatly from interactive music training. From the article:

"Babies who participated in the interactive music classes with their parents showed earlier sensitivity to the pitch structure in music," says Trainor. "Specifically, they preferred to listen to a version of a piano piece that stayed in key, versus a version that included out-of-key notes. Infants who participated in the passive listening classes did not show the same preferences. Even their brains responded to music differently. Infants from the interactive music classes showed larger and/or earlier brain responses to musical tones." 

The non-musical differences between the two groups of babies were even more surprising, say researchers.  Babies from the interactive classes showed better early communication skills, like pointing at objects that are out of reach, or waving goodbye. Socially, these babies also smiled more, were easier to soothe, and showed less distress when things were unfamiliar or didn't go their way. 

Read the entire article at Medical News Today.

Posted on May 12, 2012 .