MIT's 'Brainput' Allows Your Brain to Offload Tasks to a Computer

The website ExtremeTech is reporting on a new tech developed at MIT called Brainput that detects when you are trying to multitask and automatically offloads some of your brain's cognitive load to a computer. From the article:

Using functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS), which is basically a portable, poor man’s version of fMRI, Brainput measures the activity of your brain. This data is analyzed, and if Brainput detects that you’re multitasking, the software kicks in and helps you out. In the case of the Brainput research paper, Solovey and her team set up a maze with two remotely controlled robots. The operator, equipped with fNIRS headgear, has to navigate both robots through the maze simultaneously, constantly switching back and forth between them. When Brainput detects that the driver is multitasking, it tells the robots to use their own sensors to help with navigation. Overall, with Brainput turned on, operator performance improved — and yet they didn’t generally notice that the robots were partially autonomous.

Read the entire article at ExtremeTech.

Posted on May 15, 2012 .