How Big a Role Do Genetics Play in Our Sense of Well Being?

The website Medical News Today has a short piece about new research on twins that suggests genetics play a crucial role in our sense of "well being," particularly in matters of self-control. These results jibe with those of previous studies, but the particular focus on well being makes this one a bit different. From the piece:

They discovered that identical twins were two times more likely to share character traits than non-identical twins and that genes affected how well an individual gets along with other people, their sense of purpose as well as their ability to continue learning and developing.  According to the psychologists, the stronger the genetic link, the more likely these traits will be carried through a family.

Genetic influence was strongest on an individual's sense of self-control, explained Professor Timothy Bates, of the University of Edinburgh's School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences.

Read the entire piece at Medical News Today.

Posted on May 22, 2012 .