New Smartphone App Tracks Your Nervous Response

New Scientist reports on a fascinating new app called Shimmer that will measure your nervous response to stimuli and serve up more stimuli (in, say, a horror movie) that will amplify your response. From the article:

Getting really sweaty is not normally a good thing. But imagine if doing so could make the film you're watching more exciting - or even change what happens next. Technology firm Sensum is launching a smartphone app that will use your sweat to make life far more entertaining.

Sensum pairs a wrist-mounted galvanic skin response (GSR) sensor, made by Dublin companyShimmer Research, via Bluetooth to a smartphone with the Sensum app installed. The sensor measures how much you sweat while watching different videos, and sends the data to the smartphone which then uploads the data to the Sensum website. Then you can play back the video overlaid with a graph that shows just what made you jump.

Read the entire article at New Scientist

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Posted on May 29, 2012 .