Can Failure Lead to Success When Dealing with Alcoholism?

I love this gritty, strikingly honest piece at Salon by editor Sarah Hepola about her struggle with alcoholism. It's a powerful example of honest, unpretentious writing that will affect lives. From the piece:

If there is a choice between changing and not changing, I can assure you the latter is the much easier road. How splendid it feels to revert to form. How cool and lovely and sweet. I believe that most of us, in our gut, know what we need to do in this life: We need to leave that job. We need to leave that relationship. We need to stop smoking, stop stuffing our face with peanut butter and fudge, stop hiding in that closet, whatever that closet happens to be for you. But change is hard, man. Ask Obama. Ask anyone who’s ever tried to change.

You know what’s easy? Epiphanies. I love epiphanies, and I have them as often as I can. I will be walking down the street and BANG – I totally get it now. I will be driving in the car and BOOM – I see it clearly for the first time. I have always been like this, determined to solve the world’s ills with my stubborn little mind. I was especially prolific when I was drinking, because the optimism of booze combined with the erosion of my own good judgment made everything – but especially me – seem totally and completely brilliant: You know what we need? Rocket ships. You know what we should do? Get naked. You know where we should go? Mexico. I was an Epiphany Factory. It was light bulb followed by endless light bulb. I convulsed with genius ideas. I lit up like Times Square.

I urge you to read the entire piece at Salon

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Posted on June 16, 2012 .