What Causes Phantom Cell Phone Vibration?

Mental Floss has a great blog post about the cause of the mysterious phantom cell phone vibration we've all experienced.  From the post:

What is it that plagues our pockets? The phantom vibrations have only recently gotten the attention of scientists, and while they’ve offered up opinions and hypotheses, peer-reviewed research on the ghostly buzzes is scarce.

Alex Blaszczynski, chairman of the School of Psychology at the University of Sydney, thinks the vibrating sensation is triggered by electrical activity. “I expect it’s related to some of the electrical signals coming through in a transmission, touching on the surrounding nerves, giving a feeling of a vibration,” he told the Sydney Morning Herald, with the caveat that he hasn’t conducted any studies on the vibrations. If he’s right, it would mean vibes are not phantom, but a real sensation – a physical stimulation similar to what happens when your phone is near a speaker and you hear that weird buzzing sound as it does a “hand shake” with a cell tower and gives off some electromagnetic interference.

Read the entire post at Mental Floss

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Posted on June 24, 2012 .