A Collection of Great Editorial Reviews

"David DiSalvo takes us on a whistle-stop tour of our mind's delusions. No aspect of daily life is left untouched: whether he is exploring job interviews, first dates or the perils of eBay, DiSalvo will change the way you think about thinking...an enjoyable manual to your psyche that may change your life."

  —New Scientist


“The expression ‘knowledge is power’ has never been more appropriate. Mr. DiSalvo takes the mystery out of our daily self-sabotage. Using science and psychology he leads us into awareness and provides us action steps to make our lives better.”

 —New York Journal of Books


“This lively presentation of the latest in cognitive science convincingly debunks what DiSalvo calls ‘self-help snake oil.’"

—Publisher's Weekly


"DiSalvo offers 'science-help' (as opposed to self-help) by detailing the mental shortcuts our minds like to take but that don't always serve us well, with the assumption that understanding brain function helps us fight its stubborn behavior."

—Psychology Today


“Anyone interested in gaining insight into why they respond to certain situations the way they do need to get a copy of this.”

—Monsters & Critics


"By weaving together the latest studies,  science writer DiSalvo examines why people’s desires often thwart their goals."

 —Science News


“Science writer-blogger DiSalvo (Neuronarrative and Neuropsyched) points out that many of our actions that make our brains "happy" actually place roadblocks in our way. With input from many of the top thinkers in psychology and neuroscience, he offers helpful strategies to avoid pitfalls.”

—The Sacramento Bee 


“A really fascinating look into the workings of the brain, combining a physiological and psychological model, with chapters that are linked together like literary sausages, making it hard to put the book down.”

San Francisco Review of Books


“Lots of books tell you what you should do to be happy. But call me thorough -- I like to know what not to do, too. Science writer David DiSalvo fills out the "happiness" category with insights into why we pursue things that don't really make us happy…you will learn a lot about the self-destructive behaviors that keep you from being fulfilled.”

—The Huffington Post


" With one eye on neuroscience and the other on cognitive psychology, David DiSalvo reveals what's 'behind the curtain' when it comes to common self-defeating human behaviors...written in an engaging yet erudite style anyone can grasp.  Read it for the science and DiSalvo's very solid and evidence-based advice."

—Good Reads 

Posted on January 8, 2012 .